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“Belt and Road Initiative” Green Cooperation and Development Series · Greater Central Asia Forestry Development Report Series: Turkmenistan Forestry Development Report“ 一带一路”绿色合作与发展系列·大中亚区域林业发展报告丛书:土库曼斯坦林业发展报告

 Author: APFNet  Category: Central Asia, Chinese Scholarship, Environment, Turkmenistan  Publisher: China Forestry Publishing House  Publication Date: 2017  Language: Chinese  Buy Now

This book extracts the forestry development in this region through data collection and analysis on the status of forestry in various economies, the contribution of forestry to economic development, forestry policies, laws and development strategies, forestry education and research, forestry international cooperation and forest management practices. The basic situation fills the gap in the systematic research on the development of forestry in Greater Central Asia and provides an important theoretical basis for future forestry cooperation in Greater and Central Asia. There are eight chapters in this book, which are divided into: the current situation of forestry development, the contribution of forestry to economic development, forestry policy and law, the practice of sustainable forest management, forestry education and research, international forestry cooperation projects, the process of international forestry cooperation, forestry Development opportunities and challenges.