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A Study on Terrorist Crimes in Central Asia 中亚恐怖主义犯罪研究

 Author: Guliazhati Tuerxun  Category: Central Asia, Chinese Scholarship, Security  Publisher: China Police University Publishing House  Publication Date: 2009  Language: Chinese  Buy Now

The shocking “9.11” terrorist attack has aroused unprecedented attention from people all over the world on terrorism. The world’s counter-terrorism situation is becoming more and more serious, and the United Nations and countries and regions with frequent terrorist activities have greatly increased the importance of counter-terrorism work. Terrorism is a major nuisance plaguing the international community. Central Asia is currently a region where terrorist and extremist activities are rampant and endangered. Under the new situation, how to more effectively combat terrorism in Central Asia is an increasingly urgent issue.

The author of “A Study on Terrorist Crimes in Central Asia” makes a systematic analysis and forecast on the current situation and future of terrorist crimes in Central Asia on the basis of using comparative research and empirical research methods to comment on the terrorist crimes in Central Asia. And the domestic double vision commented on the terrorist crimes in Central Asia. This book discusses the origin, development, current situation and characteristics of terrorism in Central Asia, traces and analyzes the root causes of the development of local terrorism, then predicts and analyzes its trends, and finally focuses on the impact of terrorist activities in Central Asia and its control measures. .