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Mirziyoyev’s “New Deal”: Inheritance and Change 米尔济约耶夫的“新政”:继承与变革

 Author: Sun Yu, Jia Yanan, Chayimanova Ainur  Category: Central Asia, Chinese Scholarship, Journal, Politics, Uzbekistan  Publisher: Russia, East European, and Central Asian Studies 2019(3), 84-99  Publication Date: 2019  Language: Chinese  Link to Publisher

Mirziyoyev, president of Uzbekistan, has formed a new policy framework in domestic and foreign affairs with “five strategic priorities.” Domestically, Mirziyoyev is committed to improving the investment environment, adjusting the industrial structure, emphasizing regional balanced development, abolishing and reforming some policies of the Karimov era, and restructuring the government. Diplomatically, Uzbekistan’s policy of balancing the great powers has not changed. Mirziyoyev has highlighted “neighboring diplomacy ” and “economic diplomacy,” improved relations with neighboring countries and Turkey, and proposed new ideas for regional integration.